we love the way plants look in a natural stone artifact. they look great on a coffee table, in a bathroom or in an outside living area. right now we have full stock of stone bowls, each piece is one of a kind in size and shape. they are sometimes hard to come by so if you must have one, don't wait.
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taking a moment

Amazing, isn't it, how it takes only a spilt second to change your whole day. Take a moment to be nice to yourself... and not to mention those around you. Here is a list of a few handy reminders.
  • donate 5 things you don't need.
  • break a lunch date and get a massage instead.
  • bake cookies for a friend.
  • send flowers anonymously.
  • be nice-just once to a telemarketer.
  • eat chocolate.
  • say no, just for the hell of it.
  • volunteer on a saturday afternoon.
  • rescue an animal.
  • see a matinee-alone.
  • buy a stack of magazines and don't leave your house for an entire day.
  • have pizza and champagne for dinner.

new living room

Jeff worked on this new living room today, I think it has a nice clean feel. The ottoman, coffee table and lamps all just came in today.
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new cabinet

If you haven't been in bungalow lately you maybe haven't seen our new built-in linen cabinet. Stop in and take a look at all our great linen's in-stock from Pinecone Hill & John Robshaw!
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Good Luck Charm

One of our favorite designers, Meg Forrest told us that if you place a cricket by your front door it will bring good luck. We have these adorable metal crickets for sale in the store for only $30. What a thoughtful housewarming gift!
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john robshaw

These are some of our favorite pillows by John Robshaw, they are all made from hand-blocked fabric. They always come in a little different, which makes them special. They are nice to mix in with stripes and florals.
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beautiful room

This room was featured in the spring/summer issue of "Beautiful Homes" magazine. We think it's pretty beautiful, it has all the right touches.
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live life well

tip well.
call your parents.
sweat the small stuff.
drink lots of water.
drink lots of wine.
write thank-you notes.
acknowledge good work wherever you find it.
indulge in the extreme.
do something that scares you.
wish on pennies and stars.
buy yourself flowers.
if you hear a compliment about a friend pass it on.
find your moral compass.
say your sorry.
don't buy cheap shoes, sushi, wine, produce or stationery.

bungalow living room

The bungalow living room look starts with a neutral sofa scattered with great patterned pillows. A throw placed down the back of a sofa is a nice layered addition. The bigger the coffee table the better, we think it's nice to pack it full of things you love. Books, flowers, boxes, trays, picture frames, candles, a bowl of shells or rocks, anything that makes you happy. We like to see life in a room, weather it is a silk or real plant. We also think it's nice to include a piece of sea life. Lamps are a must, weather it's a pair of lamps on a console behind the sofa or on a pair of end tables flanking the sofa. A floor lamp is a nice addition next to a chair. Miss-matched chairs makes the living room interesting, just remember to keep the scale in mind. We love to see another texture weather it's a sisal or jute rug, or a large basket somewhere. Also an ottoman on the opposite side of the coffee table or under a console behind the sofa is a nice way to add another fabric or even a touch of zebra hide would be nice, and it gives you extra seating!

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