bungalow living room

The bungalow living room look starts with a neutral sofa scattered with great patterned pillows. A throw placed down the back of a sofa is a nice layered addition. The bigger the coffee table the better, we think it's nice to pack it full of things you love. Books, flowers, boxes, trays, picture frames, candles, a bowl of shells or rocks, anything that makes you happy. We like to see life in a room, weather it is a silk or real plant. We also think it's nice to include a piece of sea life. Lamps are a must, weather it's a pair of lamps on a console behind the sofa or on a pair of end tables flanking the sofa. A floor lamp is a nice addition next to a chair. Miss-matched chairs makes the living room interesting, just remember to keep the scale in mind. We love to see another texture weather it's a sisal or jute rug, or a large basket somewhere. Also an ottoman on the opposite side of the coffee table or under a console behind the sofa is a nice way to add another fabric or even a touch of zebra hide would be nice, and it gives you extra seating!

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