Kimberly's Holiday Gift Guide

1. "Taschen's Paris" coffee table book. An excellent guide for the fashion adoring with ideas
for an exquisite trip to Paris anyone and everyone will love! A dreamy escape to Paris and you'll feel
like your actually there visiting on holiday.

2. Anything Blue and White! Classic, timeless, Sophisticated and beautiful!

3. Striped Dash & Albert Cotton throw blanket with a Paddywax candle: Preferably the Lounge,
but any of the scents we have will do! The throws are amazing and so effortlessly chic and the candles
are to die for.

4. Our Hammered Silver tray with a small collection of Assouline designer and style books: The tray is
fabulous and the books are so far to collect. There are so many and you find them all over the store.

5. A piece of art: A wonderful addition to any home that will remind them of you each and every time
they glance over at it. It's a meaningful and personal gift to someone you truly care about.

Everything and more available at Bungalow!
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